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Notes From Our Friends

Boomer aka Bopper
Tue, 12 Feb 2008

Just a note to tell you about the yellow Lab I got from you in Oct., 2007.  In short he is wonderful.  You called him Bopper but my wife changed his name to Boomer.  
He is 6 mos old and weighs 65#.  He looks just like his sire True.  He never had an "accident" in the house and he retrieves everything I throw.  He goes with me to
work every day and easily  learns everything I try to teach him.  I have not hunted him yet but I'm sure he''ll do fine. Thank you so much for the wonderful dog

Frank Alan Utes  /  Winamac, Ind.

February 9, 2010
Hey Gordon,       

I have nothing but great things to say about you and your dogs.  Kota has been great she sits and stays when we play fetch until the command is given.  I got here to
ring a bell when she needs to go out to the bathroom.  I have her whistle trained already and we are well on our way to doing blind marks.  We had her out pheasant
hunting for a quick little walk when she was four months and she stayed right in front of me and went back and forth like she had done it before I was very
impressed.  Rest assure the dog is very loved by our family and Kota even recognizes the name Mr. Treat (which would be my dad who spoils her with treats every
time he sees her).  

Blake Johnson
Fargo, North Dakota

July 2010

Hi Gordon,
Just wanted to let you know that Baxter is doing great. I can't believe how smart he is - it took him less than two days to learn to sit on command - and he's only nine
weeks old!! He is happy and playful, but is also a complete sweetheart and loves to be held. We've also had zero potty training accidents... What an incredible dog.
He had his first vet visit on Friday and is the picture of perfect puppy health. Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family.

Oct 2010

We thought you'd like to know that Baxter continues to do great - he is a well loved member of our family. Our only problem is that he's getting too big to sleep at the
foot of our bed anymore. He's Kennel trained and goes in his kennel without complaint when we tell him to, but maybe we'll just get a bigger bed. He has also
learned to ring a bell when he needs to go to the bathroom. What an intelligent, well behaved, genuinely sweet dog... We still can't thank you enough.

Dustin Fast
Watsilla, Alaska

December 2009

Just thought I would  let you know Kona is progressing very well.  On Saturday she retrieved her first bird  She flushed the last cock of the day on her own. I had one
of the members of the club tell me that at 6 months old she was already the best trained dog we have out there.  He likes how well she listens how she stays close
and how she has progressed so far in just 2 hunts.  I told him it was the genetics.

Thank you.
Dennis Quaid / Sugar Grove, IL
January 18, 2010
Gordon & Joyce,

She's  (Maxine) doing great, she's almost got heel, sit, here, and give down pat. Been doing leash training lately, and she's amazing (starting
whistle commands today as well). What a dog, even better than John Sr's Belle, in my opinion. When we were in Arkansas over Thanksgiving,
and Christmas she was retrieving de-breasted ducks, the raw talent of this dog is simply amazing.

Melanie & SGT John Devine Jr.
Fort Carson, Colorado
September 1, 2009
Gordon & Joyce,

We can not thank you enough for our puppy Luke.  At almost 4 months, he weighs just over 31 pounds and is a happy healthy little boy.  He is quite the character and
makes us both laugh every day.  He loves walks and has walked very well on a leash from the day we brought him home.  

Everywhere we go people can't compliment him enough on how handsome he is.  He also loves car rides and visiting "Grandma and Grandpa's" house and playing
with their dogs.  Luke loves people and dogs, but is also showing us he will be a good watchdog.  His bark is already much bigger than he is.  

Luke has done very well with crate training, but is definitely a snuggler too.  If he had his choice he would sleep in our bed all day.  We have taken him to a pond a
few times and he took to swimming right away.  

Thanks again for making the experience of bringing home our first puppy so easy.  The hardest part was picking out only one puppy to take home, but I know we
made the right choice!

Hilary and Dan South / Valparaiso, IN

July /2010


I just wanted to let you know how Brody is doing and thank you for the great dog.  He is a very smart easy to train dog and is always eager to please. I have been
working with him everyday. He fetches like a pro already and knows sit, down and here very well.  I was wondering if you might have any tips or recommendations for
training for me because i know the basics  but  this is my first duck dog and i know theres a lot you can teach them.  

Jake Homman
Seattle, Washington

March 10, 2008


I just wanted to let you know that our puppy Simon that we got from you is doing very well. He has so much natural ability. (boy does pedigree make a big difference)
Simon is well underway in training. He has completed an obedience class and has a lot of drive and determination.  We are at the point of starting force work. He
has excellent marking ability. We plan to run our first HRC started test in May at the Music City hunt test. He really loves ducks and really loves to retrieve.  

Todd Stephens
Agriculture Teacher
Shelbyville, Ky.

Hi Gordon and Joyce,

I just wanted you to know that Simon passed his first two started tests last weekend (UKC).  He did GREAT!  We were very proud doggy parents.  He’s doing very
well with his training.   Thanks for a fantastic pup!

Stephanie Stephens
Music Teacher
Clear Creek Elementary School
Shelbyville, Ky.
Gordon Murray


Aug 2010

Hi Gordon,
This email is long overdue but I figured I better update you on Shiloh.  She is doing great.  She is fetching nicely with her returns getting more consistent. Whistle
training and crate training went great...she is a smart little dog. We are going to a puppy obedience class and her basic obedience is starting out well also. Gary has
fired our starter pistol around her and that's no problem. Haven't seen any fear in her for anything...very curious. Has quite a nose on her and she hunts the ball up
very well...has a nice natural hunt pattern in the field and she is staying focused quite well already.  Thanks for the great little pup.  

Linda Strub
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
July 31, 2014

Hi Gordon and Joyce,
I wanted to thank you again for giving us such a beautiful puppy.  Ivy has adapted well to our family and seems to be doing fine with the
change. She is already almost sleeping through most of the night and potty training is going great.  She also likes her kennel and is a great
traveler in the car, barely making any noise just looking at us with those puppy eyes. She went to her first soccer game last weekend and did
wonderful around all the people.  

Thanks again for all your expertise on how to train and have her adjust to her new surroundings. It really pays off.   
Jodi  Anderson
Cloquet, MN
Sept  2015
Dear Gordon and Joyce,

The puppy is doing great.  We decided to name her Saige (Sage).  Potty training  is going great she has found the door and let's us know
she has to go out.  We had her to the vet today and has a clean bill of health.  Our vet really liked her.  Thanks again for our new addition.  

Sincerely, Matt and Melinda Benninger
Marquette, MI